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CHOICE/LESS – Evan Minton: Why Did They Cancel My Surgery?

Jenn Stanley

Evan Minton calls each transgender person a snowflake. “Our process is so different and so unique,” the 35-year-old transgender man told Rewire. For Evan, that means medical interventions in the form of hormones and surgery. Evan’s gender dysphoria causes him extreme anxiety. “As soon as I take the next step in my medical intervention, my anxiety just evaporates. For other people, they don’t need that, and it is all completely valid.”

Last year, Evan was ready for bottom surgery. He said it was a bigger step to becoming the complete man he knew himself to be. First he would need a hysterectomy; then, three months later, a phalloplasty.

His primary care physician, Dr. Lindsay Dawson, was also an OB-GYN, and would be performing the hysterectomy at Dignity Health Mercy San Juan Medical Center in Carmichael, California, where she had admitting privileges. Evan felt safe with her, as she provided culturally competent, compassionate care.

But the day before his hysterectomy was scheduled, Dr. Dawson called him with some bad news: the surgery was canceled. She had another hysterectomy scheduled that day, but Evan’s was the only one that was canceled. Dignity Health was a Catholic hospital, and claimed that Evan’s hysterectomy would conflict with the church’s “Ethical and Religious Directives.”

But Evan chose his name for a reason; one of its meanings is fierce warrior, and he was ready to fight.

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