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CHOICE/LESS, Episode 01 – Candice: When is it okay?

Jenn Stanley

In this episode of CHOICE/LESS, Candice discusses how her childhood influenced her own reproductive decisions, and how her choices in childbearing and parenting were hindered by Texas House Bill 2, the sprawling anti-abortion law at the heart of the Supreme Court case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

For a detailed history of HB 2, from how it began and where it is now, check out this timeline.

But HB 2 wasn’t the only obstacle in Candice’s way. When she was living in Seattle for her first abortion, she struggled with a lack of health care coverage. Then in Texas, where she was living at the time of her second abortion, the state’s forced 24-hour waiting period, which is not part of HB 2 and would require multiple appointments, put her at risk of losing her job.

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Episode Transcript (PDF)