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CHOICE/LESS – Amelia Bonow: What Kind of Person Shouts About Abortion?

Jenn Stanley

“Shouting is simply the opposite of silence,” Amelia Bonow says of her hashtag turned social movement, Shout Your Abortion.

CHOICE/LESS is back, and for the first episode of season 2, host and producer Jenn Stanley speaks to Amelia about abortion storytelling and “taking back the moral high ground” from members of the religious right, who strive to stake their claim over the “true” meaning of “life,” love, and patriotism.

Amelia felt compelled to share her story after an anti-choice front group calling itself the Center for Medical Progress released a series of deceptively edited, widely discredited videos purportedly portraying Planned Parenthood employees engaging in the illegal sale of fetal tissue. Multiple investigations have turned up no wrongdoing on the part of Planned Parenthood, but the reproductive health-care provider remains a focus of unearned scrutiny and attack.

Here’s a comprehensive timeline of the Center for Medical Progress’s smear campaign against the health-care organization:

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Transcript (pdf)

Photo of Amelia Bonow by Brady Hall