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CHOICE/LESS 405: Their Bodies, Their Boats, Their Play

Jenn Stanley

Season 4 of CHOICE/LESS is all about teens, sex, abortion, and the law. In the season finale, host Jenn Stanley talks to youth activists, artists, and their allies about putting abortion on center stage to fight stigma and change policy.

Christabel Donker: I think it was one of the most challenging things for us, honestly; that we all wanted to inject our special storytelling thing into it, or our own opinions of whatever was going on with the situation. I think it was something that really checked us when we were able to go back to the transcripts and say “OK, is this something that is actually authentic to the story, or is it something that is a little bit of our own propaganda, if you will.” So I think centering those [personal abortion] stories was the most important thing.

“This Boat Called My Body” was devised and written by Nik Zaleski, Quenna Lene, Jessamyn Fitzpatrick, Danielle Litman, Claire Fuller, and Christabel Donker. Here is a complete transcript of the six playwrights together talking about their work with CHOICE/LESS host and producer Jenn Stanley. 

Transcript (PDF)