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The Breach: Jeff Sessions and His Brutal Vision for the Department of Justice

Lindsay E. Beyerstein

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In our season finale of The Breach, Adam Serwer of the Atlantic joins host Lindsay Beyerstein to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his radical plans for the Department of Justice, which threaten civil rights enforcement at federal agencies; sentencing reform; bathroom access for transgender students in public schools; and so much more. How will Sessions, who has expressed skepticism about prosecuting hate crimes, contend with rising levels of bias-based attacks? And what does Sessions’ tenure at the DOJ mean for the nation’s $6.7 billion legal marijuana industry?


The Breach will return on July 11. In the meantime, subscribe to Rewire‘s new podcast miniseries CHOICE/LESS: The Backstory, which explores the dark history behind some of our most important advancements in reproductive health.

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Transcript (PDF).