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Vincent M. Rue is an independent legal consultant who helps state attorneys general coordinate expert witnesses to testify in favor of laws that restrict abortion. He works with his wife, Susan Stanford-Rue via their business Rue and Stanford-Rue PA, based in Florida; however, according to the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations, the business was dissolved in 2007.

Rue is often described, in online biographies and in the news media, as a psychotherapist. He holds a master’s degree in social work, as well as a Ph.D. in human development and family studies, and ran a marriage and family therapy clinic with his wife for a few years.

Rue received his BA in sociology from St. John’s University, his MA in clinical social work from St. Louis University, and his PhD in human development and family studies from University of North Carolina School of Home Economics in 1975.

Rue invented the idea of “Post-Abortion Syndrome,” a bogus notion he uses to claim that abortion causes mental illness, and should be banned. The American Psychological Association does not recognize any such syndrome.

Rue served as an independent consultant to help Wisconsin defend its admitting privileges law (SB 206) in Planned Parenthood v. Van Hollen. In addition, he has been accused—most recently in Texas—of manipulating expert witnesses’ testimonies to reflect his vehement abortion opposition in the state’s defense of HB 2 in Whole Woman’s Health v. Lakey.

Finally, Rue wrote one of Dr. James C. Anderson‘s reports in connection with the lawsuit challenging Alabama admitting privileges law (HB 57), Planned Parenthood Southeast, Inc. v. Strange (formerly Planned Parenthood v. Bentley).

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