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Teresa Stanton Collett is a law professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, where she teaches constitutional litigation. She is also a prominent advocate against legal abortion and same-sex marriage. In recent years, Collett has testified in support of anti-choice policies and same-sex marriage bans before Congress, the Supreme Court, and state and federal courts.

Collett received her BA from University of Oklahoma and her JD from University of Oklahoma, College of Law.

Collett helps states defend laws that restrict abortion. In particular, she helped fight a 2010 constitutional challenge to Oklahoma’s law mandating that all women who seek abortions must first submit to a mandated vaginal ultrasound, which she had advocated for the year before.

In addition, she testified in favor of 20-week abortion bans in Nebraska (LB 1103) and Idaho (SB 1165), where she argued that the laws would likely prevail in a constitutional challenge.

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