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Dr. James C. Anderson

Dr. James Corr Anderson is an emergency room physician specializing in family medicine and an associate director at Chesterfield Family Practice Center in Richmond, Virginia. Additionally, he is a clinical professor within the Department of Family Medicine & Population Health at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.

Dr. Anderson received his BS from University of Virginia in 1974 and his MD from the University of Virginia in 1978. He became board certified in family practice in 1981, in advanced cardiac life support in 1984, and in emergency medicine by the American Association of Physician Specialists in 1996. In addition, he was a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corps from 2002-2012.

Among the cases RH Reality Check has identified, Anderson has testified regarding admitting privileges laws passed or challenged in Alabama (HB 57), Mississippi (HB 1390), North Dakota (HB 2305), Texas (HB 2), and Wisconsin (SB 206), as well as in a lawsuit challenging Alaska’s Parental Consent Act, which was passed in 1997 and amended by voters in 2010.

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