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Name State Legislative Body
A. Cory Maloy Utah Utah State Legislature
A. Donald McEachin Virginia Virginia General Assembly
A. Nino Vitale Ohio Ohio General Assembly
A. Shane Massey South Carolina South Carolina Legislature
A.B. Franklin Louisiana Louisiana Legislature
A.G. Crowe Louisiana Louisiana Legislature
Aaron Armstrong
Aaron Bean Florida Florida Legislature
Aaron Bernstine Pennsylvania Pennsylvania General Assembly
Aaron Freeman Indiana Indiana General Assembly
Aaron Martin
Aaron Miller Michigan Michigan Legislature
Aaron Pilkington Arkansas Arkansas General Assembly
Aaron Schock Federal
Aaron Stewart
Aaron Vega Massachusetts Massachusetts General Court
Abby Finkenauer Iowa Iowa General Assembly
Abigail Toth
Abigail Whelan Minnesota Minnesota State Legislature
Abraham Rafie Kansas Kansas State Legislature
Adam Bowling Kentucky Kentucky General Assembly
Adam Brown Illinois Illinois General Assembly
Adam Doerr
Adam Driggs Arizona Arizona State Legislature
Adam Giangreco

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