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Campaign for American Principles









1130 Connecticut Ave. NW
Suite 425
Washington, DC 20036

From its website:

“The Campaign for American Principles is building a new army of Americans willing to fight for life, marriage and religious liberty by uniting three key elements:

  1. The best arguments to empower and energize Americans to stand up against political and cultural powerbrokers who are trying to redefine our most cherished principles as bigotry and hatred.
  2. A platform to issue strong calls to action at the local, state and federal level.
  3. The political muscle that only a Super-PAC can provide, to actually direct financial resources and grassroots action into (1) electing people who will fight for the First Amendment Defense Act, defund Planned Parenthood, defeat the radical Equality Act, and (2) defeating politicians who would treat those of us who stand for the basic principles of our nation and civilization as outlaws and try to drive us from the public square.”