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Wyoming Public Health Statutory Amendments (HB 250)

This law was last updated on Mar 1, 2017

This law is Anti–Choice




HB 250


Failed to Pass


Jan 26, 2017


Primary Sponsors: 3
Co-sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 4


Fetal Tissue, Human Embryo and Fetal Research, Omnibus (multiple topics), Physicians Reporting Requirements, Reporting Requirements, Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

Full Bill Text

HB 250 would amend various statutes related to public health.

Increased Penalties

The bill would amend Wyoming Statute 35-1-105 to increase increase the penalty of violating certain public health laws from $100 to $500, except when an individual statute, notice, order, rule or regulation provides a different penalty.

The bill would amend Wyoming Statute 35-1-431 to increase the penalty for false reporting of birth, death, stillbirth, marriage or divorce from $100 to $500.

Legal Advisers

The bill would amend Wyoming Statute 35-1-220 to grant the attorney general, district attorney, department of health and special counsel authority and enforcement throughout title 35.

Health-Care Providers

The bill would amend Wyoming Statute 35-4-502 to permit an “advance practice nurse or other person permitted by law,” to take blood samples of pregnant patients. Current law only allows for physicians to take such samples.

Fetal Tissue 

The bill would amend Wyoming Statute 35-5-215 to prohibit a person from knowingly purchasing or selling any human, fetal or embryonic organs or parts for research, commercial use, transplantation or therapy.

A person who violates this provision would be committing a felony punishable by imprisonment from one to five years, and/or a fine of anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000.

The bill states that this would not apply to “replenishable body parts like hair or blood not elsewhere prohibited.”

Abortion Reporting Requirements

The bill would amend Wyoming Statute 35-6-107 to require a physician to include the following information when reporting on abortions:

  • The county and state of residence of the pregnant patient

Any person who willfully and knowingly fails to comply with this provision, who makes any false statement in a form required under this section or who supplies false information intending that the information be used in the preparation of any required form would be punished by a fine of not more than $500.00, and/ or imprisoned for up to six months.

Abortion Complication Reporting

The bill would amend Wyoming Statute 35-6-108 to require the state office of vital records to annually summarize and publish information compiled from physician reports at a level that prevents personal identification of the involved  parties.

If passed the law would take effect on July 1, 2017.


Passed the House on February 3, 2017 by a vote of 43-15.

Died in senate committee on February 28, 2017.