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Wisconsin Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood (SB 237)

This law was last updated on Nov 19, 2018

This law is Anti–Choice




SB 237


Failed to Pass


Aug 24, 2015


Co-sponsors: 32
s: 1
Primary Sponsors: 6
Total Sponsors: 39


Funding Restrictions for Family Planning

Full Bill Text

SB 237 would divert Title X Family Planning Funds away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) to alternate health departments or clinics in the state.

The legislation would prohibit entities that provide abortion services, make referrals for abortion services, or have an affiliate that provides abortion services or makes referrals for abortion services, from receiving Title X funds.

PPWI currently receives $3.5 million annually in Title X funds. Another pair of bills that were introduced, SB 238 and AB 311, would restrict how much Planned Parenthood could be reimbursed for certain prescription drugs. Combined, the proposals would reduce the amount of public funds that Planned Parenthood Wisconsin receives by $7.5 million per year.


Companion bill to AB 310.