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Washington Employee Reproductive Choice Act (HB 1502)

This law was last updated on Sep 13, 2018

This law is Pro–Choice




HB 1502


Failed to Pass


Co-sponsors: 35
Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 36


Insurance Coverage

Full Bill Text

HB 1502 would declare that it is an unfair practice for any employer who provides health insurance to its employees as part of an employee’s benefit package to not include contraceptive coverage as part of the benefit package, to fail to comply with federal rules adopted under the affordable care act relating to the provision of contraceptive coverage, or to discriminate against any employee based on that employee’s use of any reproductive health care service, drug, or device.

The bill seeks to clarify that, in Washington, barrier free access to birth control is a fundamental right and any violation of that is subject to the jurisdiction of the human rights commission and the state’s law against discrimination.


Reintroduced and retained in present status on April 29, 2015 which means it will be live in the next legislative session.

Companion bill to SB 5026.