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Virginia Bill Regarding Marriage Licenses (SB 40)

This law was last updated on Sep 12, 2016




SB 40


Failed to Pass


Dec 15, 2015


Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 1


Conscience and Refusal Clauses, LGBTQ, Religious Freedom

Full Bill Text

SB 40 would allow government officials to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of their religious beliefs.

The bill states that a clerk or deputy clerk may not be required to issue a marriage license if the clerk has an objection to the issuance of such license on “personal, ethical, moral, or religious grounds.”

If a clerk or deputy clerk refuses to issue a marriage license, the parties contemplating marriage  may be issued a license by the State Registrar of Vital Records. This would require same-sex couples to go to the DMV to obtain a marriage license.


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