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Virginia Bill Regarding Informed Consent (HB 1762)

This law was last updated on Mar 22, 2017

This law is Anti–Choice




HB 1762


Failed to Pass


Jan 9, 2017


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Informed Consent

Full Bill Text

HB 1762 would require patients seeking an abortion to sign a written consent form at least 24 hours before the performance of an abortion.

Any physician who fails to acquire written consent prior to an abortion would be subject to a $5,000 civil penalty.

The bill details what should be included on the consent inform, which includes false health risks and medically inaccurate hazards related to future pregnancies:

Having an abortion now significantly increases your risk of giving birth to a future baby too early in that future pregnancy. Preterm birth is a very serious medical problem that often results in birth defects for your child, can cause premature infant death, and can also threaten your own life.

These increased ricks apply for preterm (before 37 weeks gestation), very preterm (before 32 weeks), and extremely preterm (before 28 weeks) births. The earlier your child is born, the more serious health  problems he or she is likely to have. The more abortions you have, the more your risk of future preterm births increases.

One of the most common health complications associated with preterm birth is cerebral palsy, a permanent set of physical and mental disabilities that make daily living tasks very difficult and reduce your child’s lifespan.

Other serious problems made more likely by the preterm birth of your child include mental retardation, autism, long term neurological disabilities, epilepsy, serious infections, behavioral and psychological problems, vision and hearing impairment, breathing and heart problems – and dental, gastrointestinal, and immune system impairment.

There are currently four recent Systematic Reviews with Meta-Analysis (SRMA) of the peer-reviewed scientific studies that have been published in major medical journals. All four of them confirm the greatly increased risks of preterm birth after having an abortion. All four of them also confirm that your risks of preterm birth and having a child with Low Birth Weight increase along with the number of abortions you have. The more abortions you have, the more your risks increase. There are no published SRMA’s that say otherwise. The science here is settled.

Another less commons but very dangerous pregnancy complication that you are increasing your risk for in the future by having an abortion now is Placenta Previa. This increased risk is also found in the published scientific studies on this matter. Placenta Previa is a condition in which the placenta implants abnormally low in the uterus, and that can be potentially catastrophic to both you and your baby. It carries the risk of unpredictable, sudden, and severe hemorrhage necessitating an emergency cesarean section operation as a lifesaving treatment. Often this emergency occurs at a premature gestational age, increasing the risk that your baby will not survive – or survive with serious problems. Placenta Previa is a major cause of maternal hemorrhaging, which is a cause of maternal death, or could require an emergency hysterectomy.

Placenta Previa is itself a risk factor for developing placenta Accreta, wherein the placenta attaches too deep through the endometrium and into the myometrium, and can even extend to nearby organs. Placenta Accreta often causes severe hemorrhaging, which often requires surgery to stem the bleeding and remove the placenta and the baby. In severe cases, it can also be fatal to your child.

Consider very carefully these numerous and very serious increased health risks to you and your future children associated with abortion. These increased risks have been documented by peer-review and published medical science numerous times. Not going through with an abortion now may just save you and your future children from a lot of needless injury, misery, birth defects, and premature death. You can dramatically lower your risks of these serious complications by choosing the much healthier and non-violent option of letting your child live and NOT having an abortion now.

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