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Texas Parental Notification Law (HB 3243)

This law was last updated on Nov 13, 2013




HB 3243


Failed to Pass


Mar 8, 2013


Bill Authors: 2
Co-authors: 2
Total Sponsors: 4


Parental Involvement

Full Bill Text

HB 3243 would have amended the Texas parental notification law to require minors to obtain the consent of a parent or guardian. (Texas law already requires notification to a parent or guardian.)

If a minor wants to make an application to obtain an abortion without parental consent or notification, the bill would have required that the guardian ad litem appointed by the court be a different person than the minor’s attorney. The bill also would have increased the timeframe for the court to make a ruling on the application to obtain an abortion without parental consent and notification from two days to five.

This bill did not include the requirement found in similar bills introduced during the 83rd legislative session (HB 66, HB 67, HB 27) that physicians presume that a woman seeking an abortion is a minor unless the woman presents evidence to the contrary.


This bill was introduced during the regular legislative session. It failed, as did similar bills (HB 66HB 67HB 27) introduced in subsequent special legislative sessions called by Gov. Rick Perry in 2013.