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Texas Bill Relating to Information Regarding Spina Bifida (HB 274)

This law was last updated on Feb 23, 2017




HB 274




Nov 14, 2016


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Genetic Anomalies

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HB 274 would amend current law regarding Down Syndrome to include information relating to spina bifida.

The bill defines spina bifida to mean “a neural tube defect, the most common of which is the open neural tube defect myelomeningocele.”

The bill would require the health department to make available information regarding spina bifida that includes:

  • information addressing physical, developmental, educational, and psychosocial outcomes, life expectancy, clinical course, and intellectual and functional development for individuals with spina bifida;
  • information regarding available treatment options for individuals with spina bifida; and
  • contact information for any national and local spina bifida education and support programs, services, and organizations.

The information would be required to be current, evidence-based information that:

  • has been reviewed by medical experts and the local spina bifida organizations; and
  • does not explicitly or implicitly present pregnancy termination as an option when a prenatal test indicates that the fetus has spina bifida.

The bill would amend current law regarding the duties of health-care providers to require providers who administers or causes to be administered a test for spina bifida or who initially diagnoses a child with spina bifida to provide the above information to:

  • expectant parents who receive a prenatal test result indicating a probability or diagnosis that the fetus has spina bifida; or
  • a parent of a child who receives such a test result or diagnosis.


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