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South Dakota Bill Regarding Pregnancy Center Registry (HB 1180)

This law was last updated on Aug 14, 2014


South Dakota


HB 1180




Jan 30, 2014


Primary Sponsors: 27
Total Sponsors: 27


Waiting Periods and Forced Counseling

Full Bill Text

HB 1180 amends SDCL § 34-23A-58. The bill establishes a registry of pregnancy centers in South Dakota to be published and maintained by the Department of Health. The law states that all pregnancy centers seeking to be listed on the registry shall be listed free of charge if they submit an affidavit stating, among other things, that they do not perform abortions; they have no affiliation with any organization or physician that performs abortions; they do not or refer pregnant women for abortions; they have not referred any pregnant women for abortions at any time in the three years immediately preceding July 1, 2011; and that they do not place children for adoption.

Under the law, it doesn’t matter whether the pregnancy center is secular or faith-based.

Prior to adding an entity to the pregnancy center registry, the Department of Health must cross-reference state records to ensure that the entity is not licensed to place children for adoption or licensed to perform abortions.

Beginning in 2015, the law requires each entity listed on the registry to provide to the Department of Health a list of licensed persons who may provide counseling at the pregnancy center in compliance with SDCL §§ 34-23A-58.1, 34- 23A-58.2, and 34-23A-58.3. If the list is not provided by January 20th, the department must issue a notice to the entity that it must provide the list within 90 days. If the entity still fails to provide the list, the department must remove the entity from the registry.

The law also requires the department to cross-reference records to ensure that the licensed persons listed by the pregnancy center maintain a current license.