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South Carolina Pastor Protection Act (H 4508)

This law was last updated on Sep 12, 2016


South Carolina


H 4508


Failed to Pass


Jan 12, 2016


Co-sponsors: 6
Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 7


LGBTQ, Religious Freedom

Full Bill Text

H 4508 would prohibit the state from requiring a religious organization, an organization supervised or controlled by, or established in connection with, a religious organization, an individual employed by a religious organization acting within the scope of employment, or a minister or other member of the clergy to administer a marriage ceremony or provide services, accommodations, facilities, goods, or privileges for a purpose related to a marriage ceremony if the action would cause the organization or individual to violate a sincerely held religious belief.

A person who refuses to provide services, accommodations, facilities, goods, or privileges would not liable in a civil or criminal cause of action. Any other action by the State or a political subdivision of the State to penalize or withhold benefits or privileges from a protected organization or individual, including tax exemptions or governmental contracts, grants, or licenses would be prohibited.

The First Amendment already covers the right of religious organizations to refuse to perform marriages that conflict with their religious beliefs. This bill takes it a step further by denying services, accommodations, facilities, goods, or privileges for marriage ceremonies.


Similar to H 4446.