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Oklahoma Bill Regarding School District Funding and Transgender Accommodation (SB 1323)

This law was last updated on Jun 1, 2016




SB 1323


Failed to Pass


Feb 1, 2016


Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 1


Anti-Transgender, LGBTQ

Full Bill Text

SB 1323 would cut a school districts’ state aid if the district has a policy that accommodates for transgender students and a parent or guardian of an enrolled student complains about it.

Under the bill, if a parent or guardian complains about a school policy that allows transgender students to use the restroom facility they most identify with, the school district would have thirty days to either reverse the policy or force transgender students to use single-occupancy facilities. If the school district failed to respond to a single complaint in thirty days, the school districts’ State Aid allocation would be withheld.



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