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North Dakota Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos Act (HB 2302)

This law was last updated on Nov 10, 2014


North Dakota


HB 2302


Failed to Pass


Jan 23, 2013


Co-sponsors: 6
Total Sponsors: 6


Human Embryo and Fetal Research

Full Bill Text

HB 2302 would have prohibited the following:

  1. Knowingly creating an in vitro human embryo by means other than fertilization of a human egg by a human sperm;
  2. Creating an in vitro hybrid human-animal embryo;
  3. Transferring an in vitro human embryo into a womb of a nonhuman; and
  4. Transferring an in vitro nonhuman embryo into the womb of a human.

A violation of these provisions would have been a Class B misdemeanor.