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North Carolina ‘Marriage Amendment Reaffirmation Act’ (HB 65)

This law was last updated on Feb 19, 2019

This law is Anti–LGBTQ Model Bill


North Carolina


HB 65




Feb 13, 2019


Co-sponsors: 4
Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 5


LGBTQ, Religious Freedom

Full Bill Text

HB 65 would reaffirm the same-sex marriage ban that was approved by North Carolina voters in 2012 and later overturned.

The bill would require the state to enforce the Marriage Amendment, which defines marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman, and bans civil unions and domestic partnerships.

The bill would consider Obergefell v.Hodges—the U.S. Supreme Court decision validating same-sex marriage—null and void and unenforceable.

The bill includes legislative findings that defines same-sex marriage as “parody marriage.” The legislative findings claim same-sex marriages and all “self-asserted sex-based identity narratives and sexual orientations that do not follow the scientifically obvious biology of the human species are inseparably part of the religion of Secular Humanism.”

The legislative findings further declare:

Whereas, it is an unsettled matter of opinion whether sexual orientation is immutable or genetic, and therefore, for a person to suggest that he/she was born homosexual or the wrong gender or that to disagree with their beliefs makes the dissenter a bigot, is nothing more than a series of unproven faith-based assumptions and naked assertions that are implicitly religious and may not be enforced by government upon anyone.

Related Legislation

The legislative findings of the bill are based on model legislation drafted by Chris Sevier, who is known for filing anti-LGBTQ stunt lawsuits.

Latest Action

2/13/19 – Introduced.