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New York Ultrasound Informed Consent Act (A 6566)

This law was last updated on Nov 18, 2015

This law is Anti–Choice


New York


A 6566


Failed to Pass


Apr 9, 2013


Co-sponsors: 3
Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 4


Forced Ultrasound, Informed Consent

Full Bill Text

A 6566 would require that women seeking an abortion receive an ultrasound and the opportunity to review the ultrasound before giving informed consent to receive an abortion.  The pregnant woman would not be required to actually look at the ultrasound.

Abortion providers would be required to:

  • perform an obstetric ultrasound on the pregnant woman;
  • provide a simultaneous explanation of what the ultrasound is depicting;
  • display the ultrasound images so the pregnant woman may view them; and
  • provide a complete medical description of the ultrasound images, including: dimensions of the embryo or fetus, any cardiac activity, and any viewable external members and internal organs.

A 6566 would not apply to an abortion provider if the abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother.  Any abortion provider that fails to comply with this requirement may be penalized $100,000 for an initial violation and $250,000 for each subsequent violation.