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Missouri Resolution Urging St. Louis to Defeat Board Bill 203 (HCR 21)

This law was last updated on Jul 6, 2017

This law is Anti–Choice




HCR 21


Failed to Pass


Jan 26, 2017


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Conscience and Refusal Clauses, Religious Freedom

Full Bill Text

HCR 21 urges the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen to defeat Board Bill 203 and “protect” the religious liberty and right of conscience of Missouri citizens.

As introduced, Board Bill 203 adds pregnancy status and reproductive health decisions as protected classes to certain antidiscrimination ordinances for the city of St. Louis.

Board Bill 203 was amended to include an exception for religious organizations.

HCR 21 states the bill would be a violation of Missouri law regarding abortion, including but limited to, the right of conscience of health-care providers and institutions, employers, and taxpayers who oppose abortion and its funding.

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Companion bill to SCR 10.


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