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Missouri Pregnancy Criminalization Law (SB 185)

This law was last updated on Apr 25, 2014




SB 185


Failed to Pass


Jan 22, 2013


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Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

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SB 185 would have criminalized prenatal drug and alcohol use.

The bill states that a person commits the crime of abuse or neglect of a child when knowing that she is pregnant and willfully, with the knowledge of the danger to her unborn child, chronically and severely exposes an unborn child at 28 weeks gestational age or older to alcohol or a controlled substance during pregnancy and such child, at birth, is demonstrably adversely affected by such exposure. The crime of abuse or neglect of a child is a Class C felony.

The bill further states that it shall be an absolute defense to prosecution for abuse or neglect of child or child endangerment under this act if such person’s alleged violation of the provision was discovered due to her seeking alcohol or substance treatment.


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