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Missouri Bill Regarding the Cardiac Activity of a Fetus During an Ultrasound (HB 404)

This law was last updated on Jul 6, 2017

This law is Anti–Choice




HB 404


Failed to Pass


Jan 4, 2017


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Forced Ultrasound, Informed Consent

Full Bill Text

HB 404 would amend Missouri informed consent law to require a physician performing an ultrasound on a pregnant patient to also provide the patient the “opportunity” to hear the heartbeat of the fetus if it is at least ten weeks gestational age.

The bill would require the person conducting the ultrasound to provide a medical description of the ultrasound images of the “unborn child’s” cardiac activity, if present and viewable.

The pregnant patient may not be prevented from closing or averting their eyes from the ultrasound images required to be displayed or from not listening to the heartbeat.

The bill would permit the pregnant patient or father of the “unborn child” to maintain against the person  who performed or induced the abortion in intentional or reckless violation of this provision for actual and punitive damages.

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Based on model legislation drafted by Americans United for Life.


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