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Missouri Bill Reauthorizing Tax Credits for CPCs (SB 15)

This law was last updated on Jul 6, 2017

This law is Anti–Choice




SB 15


Failed to Pass


Jan 4, 2017


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Total Sponsors: 1


Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Full Bill Text

SB 15 would reauthorize a tax credit for contributions made to pregnancy resource centers (crisis pregnancy centers) until December 31, 2025.

The bill would also reauthorize a tax credit for contributions made to maternity homes until June 30, 2026.

The bill amends the definition of “maternity homes” to require that a maternity home not be a hospital or ambulatory surgical center, not perform childbirths, and not perform, induce, or refer for abortions.

CPCs have come under increased scrutiny over the last several years, as investigations have revealed that centers across the country have provided inaccurate information and neglected to follow proper medical protocols. (Source.)



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