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Mississippi Birth Gender Privacy Act (HB 1258)

This law was last updated on Jul 19, 2016




HB 1258


Failed to Pass


Feb 8, 2016


Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 1


Anti-Transgender, LGBTQ

Full Bill Text

HB 1258 would make it a felony to use a single-sex bathroom that does not correspond to your assigned birth sex.

The bill would allow public or private business entities, schools and jails to refuse to construct gender neutral restrooms or bath facilities.

The bill would allow a person  who has been transitioning for at least a year, to use restroom or bath facilities of the gender he or she is transitioning to provided that he or she can provide written proof from his or her doctor regarding the hormone pill or supplement transition plan.

The bill would also create offenses for those who expose themselves in public, those who peep or spy on others in public facilities, and those who harass others via telephone or computer.


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