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Michigan Telemedicine Abortion Ban (SB 1198)

This law was last updated on Jan 1, 2019

This law is Anti–Choice




SB 1198




Nov 8, 2018


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Medication Abortion, Telemedicine Abortion Bans

Full Bill Text

SB 1198 would eliminate the sunset provision of a TRAP law signed in 2012 which prohibits the use of telemedicine in the case of abortion and which is set to expire on December 31, 2018.

Public Act 499 of 2012 imposed various regulations and restrictions for facilities that provide abortions in the state of Michigan, including reporting requirements, screening requirements, disposing of fetal remains, and a ban on the use of telemedicine when prescribing a medical abortion.

Telemedicine Ban

The provision set to expire prohibits a physician from prescribing a medical abortion for a pregnant patient unless the physician or an individual licensed and qualified by “education and training” first personally performs a physical examination of the patient. The law prohibits the use of web cameras to diagnose a pregnancy or the gestational age of a pregnancy and prescribe medical abortions. The law requires a physician to obtain informed consent and be physically present at the location of the medical abortion when the prescription drug is dispensed.

SB 1198 would eliminate the sunset provision and make the ban on telemedicine abortion permanent.

Latest Action

11/29/2018 – Passed the senate by a 25-12 vote.

12/13/2018 – Passed the house by a 62-47 vote.

12/28/2018 – Vetoed by Gov. Rick Snyder (R).


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