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Michigan Bill Including Pregnant Individuals in Child Abuse Crimes (HB 4877)

This law was last updated on Nov 7, 2017




HB 4877




Aug 16, 2017


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Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

Full Bill Text

HB 4877 would amend child abuse law in Michigan to include individuals who are pregnant and addicted to controlled substances and whose use of such substances harms the fetus or constitutes an unreasonable risk of harm to the fetus.

The bill provides for an affirmative defense if:

  • the pregnant defendant has enrolled in an addiction recovery program before the birth of the child, remained in the program through pregnancy, and successfully completed the addiction recovery program; or
  • the defendant gives birth to a child who is born addicted to or harmed by such use during pregnancy but has enrolled in a court-ordered addiction recovery program or is accepted into the drug treatment court, and successfully completes the program.



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