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Louisiana Bill Regarding Informed Consent Requirements (SB 221)

This law was last updated on Jun 13, 2019

This law is Anti–Choice




SB 221




Mar 27, 2019


Co-sponsors: 36
Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 37


Informed Consent, Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

Full Bill Text

SB 221 makes various changes to the “Women’s Right to Know Law,” which requires abortion providers to provide certain information to their patients prior to the performance of an abortion.

The bill requires an abortion provider to inform a pregnant person in writing—and read orally—of the following additional information:

  • The name of the physician who will be performing the abortion;
  • The location and speciality of the physician’s residency and whether the residency has been completed;
  • Whether the physician is currently board certified and, if so, the medical specialty of the certifying organization;
  • Whether the physician has active admitting privileges at any hospital that provides obstetrical or gynecological health-care services, and if so, the name of the hospital or hospitals;
  • Whether the physician has malpractice insurance that would cover the abortion procedure;
  • Whether in the last 10 years the physician has ever been placed on probation or had their medical license revoked; and
  • The internet address for disciplinary records of the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners.

The physician would be required to document compliance with this provision in the patient’s medical record.

The bill includes legislative findings that claim “Louisiana outpatient abortion facilities actively work to conceal the identities and misconduct of abortion providers.”

Latest Action

3/27/19 – Prefiled.

4/8/19 – Introduced in the Senate; referred to Committee on Health and Welfare.

4/16/19 – Reported with amendments.

4/23/19 – Passed the Senate by a 38-0 vote.

5/21/19 – Passed house committee.

5/30/19 – Passed the House by an 82-13 vote.

5/31/19 – Senate concurred (31-4).

6/11/19 – Signed into law by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards.