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Kansas ‘Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act’ (HB 2320)

This law was last updated on Feb 14, 2019

This law is Anti–LGBTQ Model Bill




HB 2320




Feb 13, 2019


Co-sponsors: 6
Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 7


Anti-Transgender, LGBTQ, Religious Freedom

Full Bill Text

HB 2320 would prohibit the state from enforcing or respecting any policy that respects same-sex couples, transgender people, and the entire LGBTQ community.

The bill would amend state law to define same-sex marriage as “parody marriage,” and prohibit the state from recognizing such marriages. 

The bill states that the term “parody marriage” refers to:

[…]a variety of so-called marriages that do not involve a man and a woman that amount to doctrines that are inseparably linked to the religion of secular humanism.

The bill refers to “secular humanism” as:

[…]a religion that does not fulfill any compelling state interest, but instead, tends to erode community standards of decency. The term ‘secular humanism’ refers to homosexuality, sexual orientation, polygamy, transgenderism, zoophilia and objectophilia, which are self-asserted, sex-based identity narratives, doctrines, dogmas and mythologies that flow directly out of and are inseparably linked to the religion.

The bill claims that the state has a compelling interest to “uphold community standards of decency” and should not enforce any policy that puts the religion of secular humanism over non-religion.

The bill would prohibit the state from enforcing, endorsing, respecting or favoring the following policies:

  • Same-sex marriage;
  • Policies that authorize the state to appropriate benefits to individuals who are part of a same-sex marriage;
  • Policies that permit counties to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples;
  • Sexual orientation anti-discrimination policies;
  • Policies that respect transgender people—or as the bill describes—”policies that respect a person’s unproven belief that they were born the gender that does not accord with the anatomy with which the individual was born;”
  • Policies that permit the state to fund gender-affirming surgery;
  • Policies that ban conversion therapy;
  • Policies that permit public schools and libraries to host “Drag Queen Storytime” or similar events;
  • Policies that mandate pronoun changes;
  • Policies that respect, condone, ratify, or affirm “homosexual, transgender, zoophilia, objectophilia, polygamy, orthodoxy and sexual orientation as if the doctrines were plausible, moral or decent and not a political ploy or an imperialistic power play;” and
  • Policies that permit a person or parent to change the sex marker on their birth certificate.

The bill would prohibit the state from being in the “parody marriage funding and endorsement business.”

The state would continue to recognize marriage between one man and one woman “because the policies are natural, neutral, non-controversial and secular in nature.”

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Based on model legislation drafted by Chris Sevier, who is known for filing anti-LGBTQ stunt lawsuits.

Similar to HB 2321.

Latest Action

2/13/19 – Introduced.