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Iowa Bill Regarding Fetal Death and Homicide (SF 2152)

This law was last updated on Jun 28, 2016

This law is Anti–Choice




SF 2152


Failed to Pass


Feb 10, 2016


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20-Week Bans, Fetal Homicide

Full Bill Text

SF 2152 would define the term “person” in the context of the victim of a murder to mean an individual human being from the point of gestation when the fetus reaches a weight of 350 grams (around 20 to 21 weeks) or more until natural death. This would not apply to a stillbirth, a fetal death, or a spontaneous termination of pregnancy.

The bill also amends provisions relating to feticide to apply the elements of that crime to a human pregnancy after the fetus reaches a weight of 350 grams and eliminates the alternative of application to a fetus after the second trimester of a pregnancy. This would essentially ban abortions after the 20th or 21st week of gestation.

Anyone who commits the act of feticide would be guilty of a class “C” felony. Attempted feticide is a class “D” felony.

The bill amends provisions relating to the murder of a fetus aborted alive and the duty to preserve the life of a fetus on which a termination of pregnancy has been induced or performed, to apply to a fetus that has reached the weight of 350 grams or more rather than a fetus that has reached the stage of viability.



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