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Iowa Bill Establishing Cause of Action for Emotional Distress Resulting From Abortion (HF 2098)

This law was last updated on Dec 15, 2014




HF 2098


Failed to Pass


Feb 3, 2014

Full Bill Text

HF 2098 would have permitted a woman who got an abortion to recover damages for emotional distress or physical injury from the physician who performed the abortion. The law would have imposed a ten year statute of limitations on any lawsuits brought under the provision unless the woman is a minor, in which case the statute of limitations would begin to run after the minor reached majority age.

The bill states that the signing of a consent form by the woman prior to the abortion would not negate the cause of action, but might reduce the recovery of damages to the extent that the content of the consent form informed the woman of the risk of the type of injuries for which the woman is seeking damages.


Companion bill to SF 333.