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Indiana TRAP Law (SB 292)

This law was last updated on Nov 24, 2014




SB 292




Jan 14, 2014


Co-sponsors: 4
Bill Authors: 2
Total Sponsors: 6


Informed Consent, Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

Full Bill Text

SB 292 amends existing TRAP laws and informed consent provisions, and adds a new provision authorizing clinic inspections.

Clinic Inspections

SB 292 authorizes the state department of health (state department) to inspect an abortion clinic at least one time per year and to conduct complaint inspections as needed.

Informed Consent

SB 292 amends Indiana’s informed consent provisions (Indiana Code § 16-34-2-1.1) to require a pregnant woman to be informed orally and in writing at least 18 hours before the abortion of an emergency telephone number for the facility that is available and answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Admitting Privileges

SB 292 amends Indiana’s admitting privilege requirement (Indiana Code § 16-34-2-4.5) and requires a physician who is performing an abortion to have hospital admitting privileges in writing. It also requires the abortion clinic to keep at the clinic a copy of the admitting privileges of certain physicians and to provide a copy of the admitting privileges to the state department.

The bill also requires the state department to:

  1. verify the validity of the admitting privileges documents;
  2. remove any identifying information from the admitting privileges document before releasing the document; and
  3. confirm to a member of the public, upon request, that admitting privileges have been received by the state department.


Signed into law by Gov. Pence on March 25, 2014.


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