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Illinois Reproductive Health Coverage (HB 6299)

This law was last updated on Jul 13, 2015

This law is Pro–Choice




HB 6299


Failed to Pass


Sep 15, 2014


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Insurance Coverage

Full Bill Text

HB 6299 would have created the Protection of Reproductive Health Care Decisions Act.  It would have required an employer to provide written notice to employees before substituting an employer-provided health insurance policy with another policy that alters, restricts or terminates contraceptive coverage.  In addition, employers would have beeen required to provide notice to prospective employees whether the policy includes contraceptive coverage.  The bill states that notices should include which contraceptive drugs and devices were not included in the insurance coverage.

The notice would have had to be displayed on the face of any written application, a separate written form, or publicly accessible webpage for prospective employees.  Employers would also have been required to post the notice in conspicuous places on the premises of the employer.

HB 6299 defines “contraceptive coverage” as the portion of a health insurance policy that provides coverage for the cost of contraceptive drugs or devices approved by the FDA, or generic equivalents approved by the FDA, under the prescription of a health care provider legally authorized to prescribe.

The bill also would have amended the Illinois Human Rights Act by making it a civil rights violation for an employer to refuse to hire, to segregate, or to act with respect to recruitment, hiring, promotion, renewal of employment, selection for training or apprenticeship, discharge, discipline, tenure or terms, privileges or conditions of employment on the basis of an individual’s reproductive health decisions.



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