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Idaho Freedom of Conscience for Health-Care Professionals Refusal Clause

This law was last updated on Nov 28, 2016

This law is Anti–Choice




Idaho Code § 18-611




Conscience and Refusal Clauses, Human Embryo and Fetal Research, Religious Freedom

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Idaho Code section 18-611 allows health-care professionals to refuse to counsel, advise, perform, dispense, assist in or refer for any health-care service that violates his or her conscience.

The law defines health-care professional to mean “any person licensed, certified or registered by the state of Idaho to deliver health care.”

The law defines health-care service to mean “an abortion, dispensation of an abortifacient drug, human embryonic stem cell research, treatment regimens utilizing human embryonic stem cells, human embryo cloning or end of life treatment and care.”

Any person intending to refuse to provide such services must state such objection in writing. Employers of health care professionals must reasonably accommodate the conscience rights of their employees.

The law, enacted in 2010 and amended in 2011, prohibits any employer from discriminating against any health-care professional based upon his or her declining to provide a health-care service that violates his or her conscience, unless the employer can demonstrate that such accommodation poses an undue hardship.

Health-care professionals must provide services in life-threatening situations when no other health-care professional capable of treating the emergency is available, until such an alternate provider is available.


Similar to Idaho Code section 18-612.