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Hawaii Born Alive Infant (HB 1444)

This law was last updated on Feb 26, 2015

This law is Anti–Choice




HB 1444


Failed to Pass


Jan 29, 2015


Primary Sponsors: 3
Total Sponsors: 3


Fetal Homicide, Fetal Tissue

Full Bill Text

HB 1444 would have given full legal protection to so-called “born alive” infants.  With this legislation, if an attempted abortion resulted in the live birth of an infant, the infant would have been considered a legal person for all purposes under the laws of the state of Hawaii.  Medical providers would have been prohibited from denying or depriving an infant of nourishment with the intent to cause or allow the death of an infant for any reason.  If an infant was “born alive,” physicians would have been required to take all medically and appropriate and reasonable steps to preserve the life and health of the infant.

Any physician, nurse or healthcare provider who intentionally or knowingly failed to provide the required care and treatment to a “born alive” infant after an attempted abortion would have been fined an amount up to $1,000 and/or imprisoned up to five years.


Died in Committee.