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Georgia Bill Requiring Abortion Pill ‘Reversal’ Information (SB 169)

This law was last updated on Feb 23, 2019

This law is Anti–Choice




SB 169




Feb 22, 2019


Primary Sponsors: 6
Total Sponsors: 6


Informed Consent, Medication Abortion

Full Bill Text

SB 169 would amend informed consent law to require a physician who is to perform a chemical abortion to inform the pregnant patient that it may be possible to “reverse” the effects of such an abortion.

The bill would require the physician to inform the pregnant individual, at least 24 hours before the abortion that:

  • It may be possible to reverse the effects of a chemical abortion if the individual changes their mind but that time is of the essence; and
  • Information on reversing the effects of a chemical abortion is available (via website and informed consent materials).

The bill would require the department of public health to update its website to include geographically indexed materials and contact information regarding public and private facilities willing to perform procedures and treatment to reverse the effects of a chemical abortion.

Related Legislation

Identical to SB 239, which failed to pass in 2017.

Latest Action

2/22/19 – Introduced.