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Florida Single-Sex Public Facilities Bill (H 583)

This law was last updated on Dec 6, 2016




H 583


Failed to Pass


Mar 3, 2015


Primary Sponsors: 1
Co-sponsors: 7
Total Sponsors: 8


Anti-Transgender, LGBTQ

Full Bill Text

H 583 would require that use of single-sex public facilities be restricted to persons of the sex for which the facility is designated.

The bill would make it a misdemeanor of the second degree for a person to knowingly and willfully entering a single-sex public facility designated for or restricted to persons of the other sex. Such a person would also be liable in a civil action to any person who was using the facility at the time.

An owner of public accommodations who maintains single-sex public facilities and knowingly advertises, promotes, or encourages use of those facilities in violation of this law, or fails to take reasonable remedial measures after learning of such use, would be liable in a civil action as well.

The bill defines sex to mean “a person’s gender as male or female.”

The bill defines female to mean “a biological female or a person who has a valid driver license or United States passport that describes the person as female on the license or passport.”

The bill defines male to mean “a biological male or a person who has a valid driver license or United States passport that describes the person as male on the license or passport.”

The bill lists exemptions to the law including: gender-neutral facilities, family members in need of assistance, and journalists interviewing athletes.

The bill would preempt any local laws or policies to the contrary.


Sponsored by the House of Delegates Government Operations Subcommittee and the House of Delegates Civil Justice Subcommittee.