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Connecticut Bill Concerning Maternal Choice in the Event of Stillbirth (SB 325)

This law was last updated on Jul 12, 2018




SB 325


Failed to Pass


Mar 1, 2018


Fetal Tissue

Full Bill Text

SB 325 would require hospitals to inform mothers of stillborn fetuses of the right to arrange for burial or cremation of such fetuses.

The bill defines “stillborn fetus” to mean “a fetus that died after a gestation period of twenty weeks or more.

The mother would have 24 hours after being notified to elect, in writing, to arrange for the burial or cremation of the fetus.

Sponsored by the House of Representatives Committee on Children.

Related Legislation

Similar to SB 298, which would allow for the cremation or burial of a fetus following a spontaneous fetal demise.