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Arkansas Health Insurance Exchange Abortion Ban (HB 1100)

This law was last updated on Jun 13, 2014




HB 1100




Jan 22, 2013


Insurance Coverage

Full Bill Text

HB 1100 prohibits qualified health plans offered through a health insurance exchange created under the Affordable Care Act from including coverage for “elective abortion” except through purchase of an optional rider which the policyholder must pay for with an additional premium.

The bill also prohibits an issuer of a health insurance plan offered through the state health insurance exchange from reducing the premium based on an individual’s decision to purchase elective abortion coverage.

The bill defines “elective abortion” as an abortion for any other reason other than: (1) to prevent the death of the mother, except it’s not an elective abortion if based on a claim that without the abortion the mother will engage in conduct that will result in her death; or (2) in a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest.