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Arkansas Bill Classifying Fetus as a Person (HB 1376)

This law was last updated on Apr 24, 2015




HB 1376


Failed to Pass


Feb 13, 2015


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Total Sponsors: 1


Fetal Homicide, Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

Full Bill Text

HB 1376 would have changed the definition of “person” in the Arkansas criminal code to provide that assault and battery offenses against a person can be committed against an “unborn child.”

Arkansas law already defines an “unborn child” in utero at any stage of development as a person.  This bill would have added that definition to criminal statutes that cover assault and battery.

Under the proposed new definition, “person” would have included an “unborn child” in utero at any stage of development.  Currently, this definition is only applicable to homicide offenses.

The bill “encourages” circuit judges and prosecuting attorneys to permit a woman charged under this provision to enter into substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation as opposed to being convicted and sentenced.


Died in House at Sine Die adjournment.


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