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Arizona Omnibus Bill (HB 2284)

This law was last updated on Feb 7, 2014




HB 2284




Jan 16, 2014


Co-sponsors: 7
Primary Sponsors: 13
Total Sponsors: 20


Omnibus (multiple topics), Parental Involvement, Physicians Reporting Requirements, Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

Full Bill Text


HB 2284 is a bill that contains amendments to multiple existing anti-choice restrictions, including provisions related to safety and inspection standards, parental consent to abortion, and physician reporting requirements. HB 2284 requires abortion clinics to be subject to the same safety and inspection standards as all other health care institutions. The bill also makes it a crime to help a minor obtain an abortion and avoid Arizona’s parental consent requirement. 

TRAP Law (Clinic Inspection)

HB 2284 amends Arizona’s abortion clinic licensure requirement statute to allow the Arizona Department of Health to conduct unannounced inspection clinics if the director has reasonable cause to believe that the clinic is not hearing to licensing regulations or any other law related to abortion.

The bill provides that any application for licensure constitutes permission for and complete acquiescence to any entry or inspection of the premises during the pendency of the application and, if licensed, during the term of the license. An abortion clinic whose license has been suspended or revoked is subject to inspection on application for relicensure or reinstatement of the license.

The clinic inspection provisions in HB 2284 are nearly identical to the provisions in the Women’s Health Protection Act, a model bill drafted by Americans United for Life.

Physician Reporting Requirements

This bill amends the abortion reporting requirements statute, to include a requirement that an abortion provider report whether the infant was born alive and efforts made to preserve and maintain the life of the infant.

Parental Consent

This bill amends Arizona’s parental consent statute and adds “a person who intentionally causes, aids, or assists a minor in obtaining an abortion” to the list of people subject to penalties for violating the statute.