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Arizona ‘End of Life Health Care Provider Rights of Conscience’ Bill (SB 1439)

This law was last updated on Oct 31, 2017




SB 1439




Jan 31, 2017


Co-sponsors: 37
Primary Sponsors: 1
Total Sponsors: 38


Conscience and Refusal Clauses, Religious Freedom

Full Bill Text

SB 1439 would prohibit the state from discriminating against a health-care provider for declining to provide health-care items or services that may cause or assist in causing a patient’s death.

The bill would prohibit the state from taking or threatening any adverse action against a health-care provider for declining to provide, assist in providing, or facilitate in providing any health-care service for the purpose of causing or assisting in causing the death of any individual, such as by assisted suicide, euthanasia, or mercy killing.

The bill prohibits a health-care entity from being held liable in any civil, criminal or administrative action for declining to provide any health-care item or service for the purpose of causing or assisting in causing the death of any individual.
This would not apply to the withholding of CPR for a patient with a valid medical directive.
There is currently no right-to-die law in Arizona.
Passed the senate on February 22, 2017, by a 17-13 vote.
Passed the house on March 21, 2017, by a 32-24 vote.
Signed by Gov. Doug Ducey (R) on March 24, 2017.