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Arizona Bill Prohibiting Fetal Tissue Research (SB 1474)

This law was last updated on Jun 28, 2016

This law is Anti–Choice




SB 1474




Feb 2, 2016


Primary Sponsors: 21
Co-sponsors: 19
Total Sponsors: 40


Fetal Tissue, Human Embryo and Fetal Research

Full Bill Text

SB 1474 would prohibit a person from using a human fetus, embryo or any part, organ or fluid of the fetus or embryo obtained from an abortion in animal or human research, experimentation, study or for transplantation.

The bill prohibits any person from experimenting on a human fetus or embryo that is intended to be aborted. A physician would also be prohibited from performing or offering to perform an abortion if part or all of the reason for the procedure is to acquire any part, organ or fluid of the fetus or embryo to be used for research, experimentation, study or transplantation.

The bill further prohibits a person from knowingly selling, transferring, distributing, giving away, accepting or attempting to use any part, organ or fluid from a human fetus or embryo obtained from an abortion. A person aiding or abetting the sale, transfer, distribution or other unlawful disposition of fetal tissue would also be prohibited.