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Alabama Perinatal Hospice Information Act (HB 493)

This law was last updated on Jun 5, 2014




HB 493


Failed to Pass


Feb 13, 2014


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Informed Consent, Waiting Periods and Forced Counseling

Full Bill Text

HB 493 would have prohibited abortion in cases where the fetus has been diagnosed with a lethal anomaly — a defect reasonably certain to result in death within three months after birth — unless 48 hours before the abortion, the physician who is to perform the abortion has informed the woman orally and in-person that perinatal hospice services are available and has offered this care as an alternative to abortion.

The law states that the woman must be provided, at no cost, a list of perinatal hospice programs available both in the state and nationally, and must be informed that such materials are available on the Department of Public Health’s website.

The law further states that if perinatal hospice services are declined, the woman must certify in writing that she received the state-mandated materials and that she plans to proceed with the abortion.

The law would have required the Department of Public Health to prepare materials related to perinatal hospice services as specified in the law, and publish them on its website within 60 days after the act became law.


This bill passed the House on March 14 but died in Senate Committee on Health.


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