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Alabama Bill Regarding Pregnancy and Controlled Substances (SB 372)

This law was last updated on Sep 15, 2016




SB 372




Mar 22, 2016


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Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

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SB 372 would create a new provision of law that provides that no one would violate the Alabama Child Abuse Act, including the chemical endangerment of a child laws, if the responsible person was the mother of the “unborn child,” and she was, or there is a “good faith belief” that she was, taking the controlled substance pursuant to a lawful prescription or taking that non-prescription FDA approved medication or substance as directed or recommended by a physician or health care provider.

If passed, an individual using legally prescribed medications would no longer face prosecution under the Alabama Child Abuse Act, one of the nation’s harshest laws against drug use during pregnancy.


Gov. Robert Bentley signed SB 372 into law on May 12. The law will go in to effect August 1, 2016.

Similar to HB 428.


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