Tyler LePard

Tyler LePard has worked in and volunteered with a variety of reproductive health organizations, as well as in other progressive causes. Her background includes advocacy, public policy, communications, and health services.

Tyler is currently working in Global Health Policy & Advocacy.  Previously, she was Associate Editor for Rewire and then the Media Manager for Population Action International. She received her B.A. from Wesleyan University and a Masters in Public Policy from George Washington University. See Tyler’s blog at Rewire.  

Interview with the DC Abortion Fund

Abortion funds around the country make sure that every woman does have the right to abortion -- regardless of her economic situation. Tyler LePard interviews Tiffany Reed, President of the DC Abortion Fund in Washington, DC.

Men as Partners in Maternal Health

In honor of World Population Day, the Population Institute, UNFPA and the Communications Consortium Media Center sponsored a panel discussion on "Men as Partners in Maternal Health: Supporting Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies."

Home Delivery Video

The News & Observer features a terrific presentation from photojournalist Juli Leonard about a home birth with a local Midwife. Watch the video!

No Period? No Problem!

The "no period pill" Lybrel is more about marketing than new technology, yet it has met mixed reactions ranging from questioning women's very identity without menstruation to lauding a new option for preventing periods and pregnancy.