Susan Berke Fogel

Susan Berke Fogel, J.D. is the Director, Reproductive Health for the National Health Law Program, where she is a national expert on reproductive health law, low-income health programs, and religious restrictions in health care. She works to break down silos and mainstream reproductive health into low-income health advocacy agendas.

She is also the Co-Founder of the Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research (PCARR), working on cutting edge issues at the intersection of human genetic biotechnology and women’s health from an abortion rights perspective.

Invoking ‘Choice’ When Discussing Surrogacy as a Feminist Concern Is a Mistake

A recent Rewire piece treated the vexing question of commercial surrogacy as a litmus test for feminists. For us at Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research, we believe that contract pregnancy can’t be understood in such a simplistic framework.